3 Branding Related Lessons from “Father of Black History” Carter G. Woodson

3 Branding Related Lessons from “Father of Black History” Carter G. Woodson

3 Branding Related Lessons from “Father of Black History” Carter G. Woodson 3000 3000 Aqweela Green

To some, February is a time most popular for exchanging red and pink, chocolate covered hearts with loved ones or crushes. To others, February is a time to reminisce and acknowledge the great influencers before our time. A time to reflect and appreciate the heroism portrayed by the daring and valiant slaves turned entrepreneurs and activists. A majority may wonder why this is necessary and how we’ve come to celebrate a culture of people in a country they aren’t native to? Carter G. Woodson or “Father of Black History” has bridged the way to our honorary month of tribute to the African American contributions upon this nation. With the lack of acknowledgement of African American successes in history books, Woodson has created an avenue to learn and access some of the many unknown triumphs of slaves and early inventors of the 1900’s. At a time when African American studies weren’t exactly a favorite (or even condoned) Woodson knew it was essential to share the accomplishments of unnoticed individuals who have aided in the greatness of the United States. Although there are countless lessons to learn from a revolutionist like Woodson, we’re going to narrow it down to the top 3 and I’ll explain how being more like Carter G. Woodson could benefit your brand.

“Let us banish fear.” -Carter G. Woodson

Your brand is your baby. You planned it’s upbringing, brought it to life and built it’s every feature to show off to the world. There’s nothing anyone can say to you about your brand to change your views on its quality, even if it doesn’t match the shared quality of common brands today. When discovering your brand’s special flair, it’s important to explore what sets you apart from other brands in your industry. If you’re a pet store, be a pet store that also teaches pets to flush and put the seat down. Create the unimaginable and dare to be different. Ultimately you’ll be able to gain incredible exposure for your creativity and earn recognition for your bravery in reaching for the impossible.


“In fact, the confidence of the people is worth more than money.”-Carter G. Woodson

There’s going to be doubters and “haters” that come along with any successful brand. The very fact that there are people trying to tear you down, proves your competence and extraordinary influence. An idea, is only great when you decide it is. As important as supporters are for your brand, confidence and self-assurance are a lot more significant in your brand’s overall success. If you’re in the mall walking past a vendor selling oranges with no enthusiasm or interest and another vendor selling sand by juggling bags of them and singing, who are you more likely to stop and engage with? It’s up to you to brag about how amazing your brand is, show off a little and reveal to everyone just how extravagant you know your brand is. The more you boast and share facts and literature about your company, the more credibility you will earn.


“If a race has no history, if it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.” -Carter G. Woodson

Each brand is created by an individual who felt that the world needed their new product or service. The world needs more water so we have water companies, the world needs more information so there’s Google. Yet, throughout our nation, often times local companies become too selfish with their time and efforts, forgetting about the communities that surround them. What does your community need? How have you impacted the community that you live in? It’s as simple as raising funds for medical research at your local hospital, putting together a food drive to help feed the homeless, or even volunteering to speak to kids about how they can become an entrepreneur like yourself. Make a difference, be someone’s blessings or someone’s hero in their time of hardship. Put your brand to use in your community first, fill a need. It’s important that your brand is known for it’s quality as well as philanthropic endeavors locally.