3 Branding Tips Entering 2017

3 Branding Tips Entering 2017

3 Branding Tips Entering 2017 1200 1800 Aqweela Green

It’s already the second week of the year, time is flying and you’ve got things to do! Regrettably, we’ve all made the statement “New Year, new me” at least once in our lives, claiming to drastically change every aspect of your old life starting January 1st. Sorry to break it to you, but this dramatized claim is a little overused and frankly puts a ton of pressure on yourself. It’s like saying you’ll build a boat from scratch, by yourself, I won’t discredit your work ethic, I just know that’s a lot of work! For the sake of your future worry lines and not pulling out your hair, let’s break down that large goal to a set of 3 smaller, attainable goals. What better way to begin your reconstruction and renovation than starting with your brand.

1. Brainstorm Your New, Newer and Newest!

As an entrepreneur/freelancer/startup, often times “new” is THE word of choice. “New” is attention grabbing and urges readers and clients to find out just how to get their hands on the next exclusive thing. For the new year, it’s essential that you discover YOUR new: a new product to launch, a new partnership or collaboration, a new hire for a new service offered. For services you already have, it could be time to take a step further, initiate a newer version. Apple comes out with a new iPhone every year, it’s time you’ve created your Ice Cream Flavor Taster 2.0. Once the end of the year approaches you can begin your innovation for the newest product you’ll introduce for the following year, be sure to keep your supporters on their toes and in the loop.

2. Share Your Progress Locally.

In the event that you’ve successfully generated your “new product” or “new partnership” don’t forget to share it with your local community. There are countless benefits to sharing your work with your community: reaching a larger audience with a broader demographic, receiving effective feedback from your clientele and setting the proper image for your company. Share your successes through posting updates on your company’s social media sites, create and distribute a press release to local news outlets/relevant bloggers, build your subscribers list and send out newsletters about upcoming releases via email. Ultimately, put yourself out there and make your mark.

3. Connect, Network and Build Professional Relationships.

Networking with professionals in your same field of work is actually more important than you’d think. Some assume networking implies a weakness or lacking in clients, both assumptions are inaccurate. Networking allows you to have another perspective on how your competitors reach results, networking build confidence in yourself and in your brand, connecting with other entrepreneurs gives you the chance to share or bounce ideas off of them and ultimately gain an alliance and sometimes a business partner. I’m not saying to just walk up to people and ask them for their secrets and ideas for your own benefit, genuine conversations are the key to building effective professional relationships. Join a group in your city or bring business cards to an event, you never know what opportunities could lie ahead for you.

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