5 Ways You Should Be Promoting Your Brand

5 Ways You Should Be Promoting Your Brand

5 Ways You Should Be Promoting Your Brand 900 900 Aqweela Green


You’ve finished creating the ideal image for your brand, the next move is promoting it effectively! Some may assume this step is more difficult than it actually is. Like any other project, planning, organizing and managing are going to be key in obtaining a smooth and successful outcome. If you already have an efficient strategy to get publicity for your brand, keep it up! When you’re ready for a new approach, try out either of these 5 ways to get your brand known locally, to your target area and online.

     1.) WORD-OF-MOUTH

For starters, there’s no easier way to promote your brand than with a handful of neat business cards and a brief statement to sum up your brand’s mission. If someone asks you “What is your business?” you should be able to answer that within 2 sentences. When meeting someone and trading business cards, it’s important that your business card includes: your name/business name & logo, your social media handles, contact info, brand’s mission, your web address and location. We know a pretty reliable Branding Agency that could help 🙂


A great number of event coordinators often reach out to potential sponsors requesting assistance financially. As a sponsor, common promotional offers that feature your logo/company name are: merchandise, social networks, printed flyers/digital posts. Depending on how much you are willing to give, monetary or product sponsorship, your involvement builds credibility for your brand, with the company and their attendees.


Ads on any website that receive tons of traffic will normally cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to Facebook’s inexpensive business page, a “Sponsored Ad” can cost as low as $5.00. You choose who your ad reaches, how it will look and how much you’re able to afford for the campaign. It gets very detailed on your target audience and gives you all of the tools to create the perfect ad.


If you are great at persuasive writing, creating your email marketing content will be a piece of cake! Verbiage, exciting tone, convincing facts and attractive images all play a huge part in your email marketing campaign’s success. Create at least 3 innovative emails about your new product, new event or new service, to send bi-weekly to prospective and current clients. Highlight what your brand is, what you have to offer and why the reader of the email will need it. Designing a catchy headline (subject) is your number 1 priority.


You may already be using your social media sites to promote your business, but you might want to investigate the accuracy of your technique. Promoting your brand will include more than just posting a picture of your product, with the product name and price in the caption. Important factors when posting include: Time of day (not too late, not too early), hashtags (reach more viewers with better hashtags, not more), caption cleverness & originality. For more help with managing your social media accounts check out our blog post “Benefits of Creating a Social Media Calendar”.