Genuine Branding Matters

Genuine Branding Matters

Genuine Branding Matters 2000 1000 Brand Fiend

If you do not care about your brand no one else will either.

Most people will tell you to “fake it til you make it.” Unfortunately this doesn’t always work out for the better when it comes to communicating your message.

For example, let us say that I am promoting my new kind of computer that is the best in its class. High performance, great speed, insane graphics and the price point cannot be matched by its competitors; and this is plastered all over their social media and website:

Gaming! Movies! Creation! Anything you can imagine! With the Mega Computer, anything is possible. With a Qual-Dragon 5576 Processor, 12 gb of Random Access Memory, a 3 TB solid cold titanium status drive, and a clean steel wash exterior, the Mega Computer is the #1 computing machine in the world, and as far as we know the universe! Pre-order now and you too can receive a free wired mouse perfect for pro gaming! On Sale Soon!  

Let’s say the company trying to sell this Mega Computer is called, DemoComputing. Now this tech company is scratching its head in confusion about why the product they just created, top of the line mind you, is not selling a single unit. Taking a look back they’re marketing is fine, they seem like they reach enough people to sell, they contacted the right individuals to stock on shelves, the team put in the work, but they are still coming up short. DemoComputing is a national brand (a fake one but just for example), there is no way they overlooked something. And they didn’t, fact of the matter is, DC checked the numbers and by all accounts are a successful company that should be doing well.

Flipping this over, in the office right next to them we have a mid-level business called IndeCom (again, fake names). IndeCom’s focus is all across their website:

Once a small garage tech company, making computers from scratch parts and selling them to neighbors, IndeCom grew into a profitable company by repairing, creating, and selling computers to local schools, businesses, and of course retailers (though that came later). Our main drive is to better communications in the classroom, the workforce, and even in homes. Soon to be partnering with St. Mason’s Hospital, IndeCom is working to bring quality computing to even the medical field, and right now with every purchase of a personal computer from selected retailers, we will donate proceeds to the local children’s center.

IndeCom went on to sign several deals with local and national businesses, and school districts across the country, in addition to making great retail profits.

This example may be a bit extreme, but one of these definitely stood out from the other. No not DemoComputing, IndeCom! When it came to moving sales and and attracting people, IndeCom has it down. Simply from making it clear for it’s audience to know what they are about and what they are trying to accomplish, they are able to market leagues above someone who is just listing out cool things about themselves. Now you don’t always need a heartfelt, drawn out sob story or history, but rather a genuine feeling. A message to get behind, with people who believe in what they are selling. Sure, DemoComputing believes their computer is the fastest, and will make the job of ten men and women fit into one single operating system, but it is just specs. Nothing about where the idea came from, the inspiration behind such a revolutionary machine, and why they chose to make this beautiful work of art. The story behind it was lost, and so their approach to their customers and clients come off just as robotic as the computers they were trying to sell. It came across fake. And no one likes fake.

It is okay to believe in the product you are selling.

I don’t want to come across like you solely have to believe in your brand. You can have it both ways, honestly. You can have it to where you believe in the people, and you believe in the company making your product AND believe that your product is the greatest But if you do not show why people should invest in YOU, your business, your brand; people will not turn heads. Give em’ a reason to love and they will love you. Or in better words, “If you build it, they will come.”

Take a moment and look at your branding…

Ask yourself these questions when looking at your brand or business image:

  • Does my brand serve a purpose?
  • Can I make that purpose easily available to my audience?
  • How can I tell my story?
  • How can I continue to expand and grow my brand, while still sticking to the core values?
  • In what ways can I show my own employees what we are about, so that they too can pass that on in their work?

Implementing these strategies and answers to these questions can sometimes be hard too but there are others out there that can help you get those values, and stories across, like Brand Fiend for example. And from there the rest is easy.

It goes back into the word of mouth marketing as well ( If people see you are a great business and your brand is genuine, they will stand with you, and 10 of their people will stand with you, and 10 of their people, and so on and so on. Tell your story, build your brand.

-Mason Hylden

Marketing Specialist