Putting Yourself Out There, The Right Way

Putting Yourself Out There, The Right Way

Putting Yourself Out There, The Right Way 3000 3000 Aqweela Green

The Benefits of Public Relations

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR”. This is a quote that’s often attributed to Microsoft creator Bill Gates, though definitely up for debate since no one can trace when, where and IF he actually said it. Regardless of whether or not the famous billionaire actually said it, there’s still a grain of truth to the phrase.

Why Public Relations?

In the world of business, there is nothing more prized and sought-after than a good reputation. How your business relates to and is perceived by the outside world, your internal and external customers, your prospects, the general public and the media will determine whether or not your company will continue to prosper and thrive. If you didn’t already know, you’ll soon find that Public Relations is all about your Reputation—building, maintaining, protecting, and managing it to ensure you develop and keep a strong public image.

Is Advertising the same as Public Relations?

Some people might confuse Public Relations with Advertising and think they are interchangeable or that they are one in the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. To put it simply, advertising is getting people to be aware about your product, service or company and what you have to offer. Public relations, on the other hand, is getting people to care about your company and your story. It’s about building a relationship and creating or maintaining the faith that the general public has for your brand and winning the hearts of those of the media.

What’s the best thing about Public Relations?

Being the Public Relations Coordinator at Brand Fiend is all about learning and fulfilling the needs for a brand’s exposure. From writing and distributing press releases to creating copy for clients’ web pages, this particular field of business is right up my alley of community involvement. The constant challenge to always bring my A-game, utilizing my passion and creativity, this career keeps my mind sharp and my communication skills top-notch. What makes it so fulfilling as a career is building brands from the ground up and helping to give them direction, culture, exposure and creative flair to appeal to their target audience. There’s a certain thrill in helping people and seeing them grow, to be able to contribute to a brand’s dream and its growth is an amazing thing.