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Brand Fiend is a digital forward Boutique Branding Agency. We shape identities. We tell stories. We stir up emotions. We connect the dots. Above all, we transform ideas into experiences.

What We Believe.

The best brands are simple ones. Brands thrive on their ability to be understood, just like people. This belief is driving force behind everything we create. Simplicity done right is what connects a brand with its audience, creates a success strategy, and drives our ambition, each and every day.

Our Name.

Informally, a “fiend” is a person who is excessively fond of or addicted to something, making it hard for them to quit. At Brand Fiend, we’re addicted to helping brands reach their true potential through strategy and design. We’re fiends in the sense of, we will never quit or give up on our dreams and we encourage you not to either.

Meet Jesse Alex


In 2014, Jesse Alex, owner here at Brand Fiend, decided he wanted to follow his passion. After started various ventures throughout college and in his early twenties, he realized he had a passion for building brands. He truly loved everything about a well put together brand and wanted to provide his expertise to those in need. With a college background in Graphic and Web Design, corporate careers in Social Media, Marketing and Advertising, and more. He was well equipped to lay the foundation for his dreams of a full service branding agency. After lots of planning and trying to come up with the perfect name, in early 2015, Jesse launched Brand Fiend, a Digital Forward Branding Agency based in Dallas Texas. Since then, Jesse has been able to grow Brand Fiend year after year, working with passionate startups from the ground up as well as nationally recognized brands like 7-Eleven and more. His motivational approach to branding and spreading the Fiend message has led to press features with the likes of AT&T and their small business circle as well as some local Dallas publications like Voyage Dallas.

Our Amazing Team.

Our Culture.

A purpose driven brand, with a belief in entrepreneurship. Our foundation lies in our core values which are to be crisp, reliable, innovative, supportive, and passionate. We believe not only in helping brands grow visually, but to motivate our clients and supporters to never quit, staying true to the real Fiends that we are.

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