9 Social Media trends to watch for in 2019

9 Social Media trends to watch for in 2019 900 900 Jesse Alex

I think it’s safe to say that for any business these days, social media will be a staple for growth in 2019 and beyond! We’ve had the pleasure of helping tons of brands grow their online presence via social media, and it’s something we’re extremely passionate about! So we decided to provide a list of 9 key things you should pay attention to via social media when it comes to maintaining and/or growing in 2019. If you need ways to figure out how to bring these ideas to life, you know who to call 😉

1. Quality over Quantity

You know those brands who post post post, and post some more? Annoying right? lol You must understand that the social media game is all about quality, not quantity. Look, if you hope to gain consideration for whatever you may be offering, you must be willing to go the extra mile in not only your service, but in creating great content. To have an impact, brands must have purpose, while being creative. Less content, if done right, will have greater impact than posting tons of content that leaves your audience saying “WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE” in regards to your uninspired, heavy post. Need help creating some dope, creative content to help tell your brand story? We can help.

2. Video, Video, Video

Video content is continuing to grow in 2019 as well. Vlogs, social tv, Instagram stories, podcasts, and more will continue to be the most consumed forms of content on social this year. With so much going on on social, our attention spans are continuing to get shorter and shorter, it seems. Video content is a way to quickly grasp your viewers attention and keep it! Find ways to tell your story via video and watch your brand continue to flourish.

3. Micro Influencers

It would be great if we all could get the likes of Beyonce, Drake, and Kylie to promote our product/service, right? We know, we know. But let’s face it, not everyone (especially small businesses) can afford those price points. So with that being said, the focus on micro influencers is going to be at an all time high this year. Ya know, those influencers with 10-20k followers, they’re legit! Find some dope micro influencers with a strong hold on their audience, because your brand could really benefit from using them as a way to reach more people!
PS: We did a lot of this last year ? If you need help, hit us up!

Influencer Jalisa Vaughn in a campaign for Layne’s Chicken Fingers

4. Instagram Stories are here to stay

Stories have been a way to consistently update your followers (without being too overwhelming. Although those that post 20 stories per day are out of line lol), increase engagement, and even gain followers from shares! And if you have over 10k followers, you can send people from your story straight to a link of your choice. They’ve also been a key way for businesses to promote via advertisements in the story as well. Let’s just say, stories will stay lit in 2019 so you should be finding ways to use them effectively for your brand.

5. In the moment content wins

Continue to post content that gives your audience a deeper look into whatever it is that you’re doing, whether successes or failures. It’s good to post BTS videos for your podcast, or walk them through your office while your team is working, or just sharing your normal day to day ups and downs (see below for what most of our days are like lol), because as we all know, every day isn’t pretty. Content that isn’t staged, helps give your audience a deeper dive into who you are and what you do. Showing them the not so perfect side of things can be just as beneficial as the final product.

6. Run social media ads OR ELSE

Let’s face it, whether you’re a small or large business, you need to be doing some form of social media marketing in order to reach new people! Now what budget you want to allocate is up to you, but be sure to consistently market yourselves on social media this year. Narrow down your demographic, develop your messaging, and hit the audience you’re looking to reach to help grow your business! If you need help coming up with a strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us ? Keep in mind, even companies like Nike, Pepsi, and Apple are still using all forms of marketing, even at the level of success they’ve reached!

7. Personal branding will continue to thrive

Personal branding will continue to be more of a thing in 2019. With so many brands telling stories, battling for position, and taking up space in the social world. Putting a face with your brand is a way to help you sort through the clutter. People support PEOPLE, and that will remain true this year and beyond. So find ways to tell your personal story in ways that relate back to your business!

8. Keep an eye on pop culture

Using pop culture trends as a way to relate to your audience in a clever way, is genius! Everyone loves a good gif or a good meme (The Bird Box memes had us dying laughing towards the end of 2018. See how we used it on our page here lol) They’re perfect ways to relate to your audience, and even spark some laughs. We’re sure there will be tons of those this year, so use them wisely in ways that work for your brand!

9. Being authentic still works

Let’s face it, just about everybody nowadays is some sort of guru at some sort of thing. That’s the wave these days! No matter what market you’re in, it”s more than likely saturated with tons of people that do/claim to do what you do. So find what works for YOU, stay true to who YOU are, tell YOUR authentic story, and everything will work out how it’s supposed to! Keep pushing, fiends.

That’s all for my TED TALK, thanks for coming.

If you’re in need of our help on a project for your brand, hit us up asap, we’d love to help!

How To Set Your Social Media Ads Up For Success

How To Set Your Social Media Ads Up For Success 900 900 Jesse Alex

Pull out your phone, log into any social media app and I guarantee you’ll see some advertising. Why? Because all social media platforms will encourage any business, from Fortune 500 companies to a mom and pop candy store, to create ads. And they make it easy to do so too, but when you’re making an ad, there are plenty of ways to turn it into a flat out failure before you even hit submit.

All social media outlets are different & pretty much anyone can make an ad if they play around with it for long enough. But they’re also all similar in this regard: if you don’t have a plan for your ads, you might as well throw your money down the drain.

But don’t get it confused, we’re not saying having a plan is a sure way to creating a perfect social media marketing campaign every time – this stuff takes trial and error. However, there are ways to ensure that your ad isn’t a total disappointment. If you make sure that you avoid each of these common mistakes, you’ll have a head start towards successful ad campaigns. Here are some things to avoid when setting up your social media ads.

Bad targeting

What social networks can promise you when you make an ad is traffic (or impressions). Brands are buying eyeballs when they run social media ads. Facebook, Instagram, and the others can promise that they will serve the ad you made to someone. But to who is the biggest question of them all.

There are plenty of targeting options on the major social media ad platforms. But they won’t force you to use them. They’ll let you run an ad targeted to every man, woman, and child in America, if you want. Which is a common mistake beginners make when running these campaigns.

Impressions will be through the roof when you target a massive audience, but it’s not a measure of success. You can get a ton of impressions targeting swim suit ads to people on the North Pole, but how many of those people would click on your ad and make a purchase?

Do your research. Know your audience. Then run your ads.

Bad Imagery

Social media users prefer simple visual content because it’s easier to process by our brains. However when images embody too many elements, they become confusing. When this happens, our brains are not sure where to look at. This creates stress that makes users simply ignore the content and keep scrolling. The key to a good social media image is to generate a positive feeling in the users that are seeing them, while keeping things simple.

Only Making One Ad

Trial and error is a big part of social media marketing, hell it’s a big part of life. Each ad that you put out is an experiment. Sometimes an ad has all of the “right” components and it ends up being a disappointment. But that’s no reason to give up.

Making just one and hoping for the best sets you up for a very limited experience. Making multiple ads gives you a chance to experiment and learn which images and text your audience is connecting with. You can’t get that from just making one ad.

No Call-To-Action

Every ad should have a goal. Send someone to a page on your website, ask them to like your Facebook page, or make them watch your video that you spent so much time making.

Most of the time, a brand has a call-to-action in mind, but they haven’t explicitly stated it. And in on someones social media timeline, you’ve got a matter of seconds to get someone’s attention before they’re gone. Probably even less than that, really.

Nothing’s better than telling someone what you want them to do in the ad copy. If you build in a call-to-action with your words in addition to other options, you’ll be in good shape.

How We Can Help

We can help determine your audience, plan your messaging, and determine an ad budget. We focus on serving ads that resonate with your audience. Success may not come immediately, but the social media world is massive. If you have an audience in mind, social networks will help you find them. Need help putting together a Social Media Marketing plan or need assistance in running your advertisements? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to help!