Ways To Obtain New Clients For Your Startup Business

Ways To Obtain New Clients For Your Startup Business

Ways To Obtain New Clients For Your Startup Business 900 900 Jesse Alex

When I started Brand Fiend back in 2015, one of my first concerns was “how will I get clients once this thing is launched.” So if you’ve got to the point of launching your business, I commend you, because it takes a lot of hard work! And if you have those same concerns I had when started Brand Fiend, you’re not alone. When we start a business, we’d all love for clients, sales, subscribers, and more to just fall in our lap right? That would be great! But unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way. So if you’re ready to start receiving clients for your business, or looking to obtain more, below are a few ways to effectively help you plant the right seeds in order to see your business grow as time goes on.

Social Media

Social media is probably one of the best ways to get the word out their about your brand. Think about all of the ideas, companies, people, etc that you’ve first heard about just because of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The amount of people you can reach on social media is endless, so use it wisely! Create social media pages that effectively share what your business provides. And don’t just stop there, follow, engage, and use social media as a tool to reach more people that can turn into customers.

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One thing I’ve found to be true is that it’s important to create a balance between social media and real life interactions. I know for some people that can be hard, being that we spend hours and hours on our phones everyday. But getting out to events where you can showcase your brand, always helps put a real life face with the company. So try searching for vendor events where you can set up and tell people what you’re all about! Of course, make sure the audience matches the crowd you’re looking to reach. Which also ties into my next topic 😉

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Know Your Audience

To obtain anything in this world, you must first know who/what you’re looking for. Identity the type of client who you’d like to purchase your service or buy your product, and once you do, find ways to put your brand in front of their eyes. Your audience may change over time, and that’s okay. Always reevaluate your brand and audience, to make sure they align with the service/product you’re offering, and where you are currently in business.


Whether you’re running errands or at a networking event, find ways to network with others and share more about your business. Because truth is, you never know who you might meet! I personally use this app called “Meet Up” to search for different networking events going on in my area, just so I can continue working on my elevator pitch and pass out business cards, as well as collect them! I’ve met some of Brand Fiend’s best clients at events I never would’ve thought about attending before I made a conscious effort to consistently network.

Ask for referrals

Once you’ve built up some sort of reputation where people know the quality of work you provide, ask for more business. Once you complete a project or sell a product, ask the customer if they know someone else who may benefit from the same services you provided them with. You also may know someone who knows a potential client/customer that you’d like to work with, so don’t hesitate to ask for them to connect you. As they always say “closed mouths don’t get fed.”


Continue to get better

When things kick off, that’s truly only the beginning and the work has just begun! When I launched Brand Fiend, I was working on the back-end to make my processes better, as well as get better at my craft every single day. I studied competitors, found ways to complete projects more efficiently, and more. The better you get at what you do, the more you’ll attract new business. So don’t stop at just starting a business, get better every day, and the right things will come your way.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you haven’t started a business before, this is all new to you. Find ways to get outside of your comfort zone to help grow your business. Your success could be on the other side of fear.



If there are businesses you want to work with, make that call, send that email. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those you’d like to work with. You’ll hear a lot of no’s and get a lot of emails left not responded to, and that’s okay. Stay consistent with your outreach and you’ll reap the benefits eventually.

Advertise your business

When you first start, you may not have this HUGE marketing budget, and that’s okay. Start small, start where you are, and most importantly, just start. Allocate a small advertising budget when you first start your business, to help you reach new eyes. More than likely when you start your brand, our first followers/supporters are our friends and family. Use your advertising budget to help reach people outside of your circle. This will help create brand awareness which if done consistently, will turn into new clients for you. When doing this, keep our #3 point in mind and know your audience. That’ll determine where you will advertise, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, print advertising, etc.

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Find ways to collaborate

If you’re just starting off, one key way to obtain new business is to collaborate with people/brands in which you can reach their audience. If you’re selling a product, maybe offer this product for free to someone/or a brand that aligns with the same audience you’re looking to reach. That way that person can share with their audience what your product is all about. Now you’ve reached an entire new crowd of people who may not have known about your product prior to the collaboration. But when collaborating, be smart! Make sure both parties have a complete understanding of what each brand is looking to accomplish when collaborating.

Obviously, these aren’t all the ways you can obtain new clients when starting a business. But they are a few that have helped us get to where we are now. We’re always learning and looking to grow as well, so if you have other ways you want to share, drop them in the comments.