Guest Blog: Website Homepage Check List

Guest Blog: Website Homepage Check List

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Guest Blog: Jaylon Griffith at

Your homepage is normally the most visited page on your website. As soon as someone visits that page, they are deciding whether or not they should stick around, so that means your copy has to be bomb. This checklist will help you write a high-converting homepage so you can grow your biz and start attracting more clients out the gate.

Your homepage needs to include the following:

Benefit Driven Headline:

What is the biggest promise you make to your clients? Think about something they really want and weave that into your copy.

Who you are:

Tell people who you are, what you do, and what your mission is.

Who you help:

Make it clear who you help, so your visitors know immediately if you’re a good fit.

Problems you solve:

How does your product or service help solve your potential clients problem?

Benefits of working with you:

Why should your visitors choose you instead of your competitors? What will life be like after working with you?

Call to action:

Encourage people to find out how they can work with you and include a strong attention grabbing call to action at the end of your story.


Talk about the success stories you’ve had with your clients.

Opt-in Box:

Encourage people to sign up for your email list! It’s the most important thing you own!

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